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The Shun Wu Tang family crosses international borders

Yunlin County, Taiwan
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Various courses within the syllabus

Kung Fu Kids

The development of kids, both mentally and physically, is of paramount importance to any...

Adult Program

The complete Shun Wu Tang system incorporating all aspects of Traditional Chinese Martial ...

Dragon Dancing

Since the mid 80’s Shun Wu Tang has been performing the traditional Dragon dance for ...

Kung Fit

Kung Fit is nothing new! But in this age where so many businesses are being formed ...


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SWT News and Articles


Shun Wu Tang Durban just completed another Far East Tour in March and April. 4 grading candidates successfully passed a rigorous 9 day grading in Taiwan. The students furthered their knowledge of various styles, including Muay Thai in Thailand.

The Warrior Code
Respect Zun Jing 尊敬 Humility Qian Xu 谦逊 Trust Xin Yong 信用 Honour Rong Yu 榮譽 Virtue Dao De 道德
The Nine Principles of Shun Wu Tang
Advance/drive hastily, strike forcefully Evade the attack (and nullify its force), counter-strike from the side Couple force (hardness, attack) with flexibility (soft, defence, evade) Amplification of force with torque (twisting/shaking the body from feet…
Being a composite school, Shun Wu Tang employs the principles of many systems and styles, both hard and soft, internal and external, Yin and Yang. While Luohan Chuan/Quan is the elementary style of Shaolin…
School Guide Lines and Rules
Shun Wu Tang rules: The name of the school, as handed down from our ancestors, is “Shun Wu Tang” pronounced Sun Wu Tung. (Sun Wu is the birth name of General Sun Tzr of the…