Kumeshan Ramaloo


Having always had an interest in Martial Arts and sport fighting, Kumeshan Ramaloo took up a bit of kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do. In 2005 he discovered Shun Wu Tang and never looked back. He started Kung Fu out of curiosity and realised how much it had to offer. As he slowly moved up the ranks, his abilities started to grow and the progression rate started to increase. Once he realised that there was a possibility of becoming an instructor, his sole aim was to use what he had learned to help others and  someday teach to disadvantaged kids. He believes that the teachings of Kung Fu help build character and confidence and teach us that we can achieve anything through hard work and dedication. His ultimate goal is to use his Kung Fu to help people, to  give hope to those who have nothing, to spread knowledge, and grow as a human being in the process.

Kumi has won two Kuoshu national titles for Full Contact Fighting as well as for forms competitions. All his fights were won in the first round!  He is a clinical stand up fighter who pounces at the slightest opening, attacking with a flurry of strikes to an eventual take down.

Kumi was awarded his 3rd Degree Black Sash by Master Su, after successfully completing the grueling, week long,  international grading in Taiwan. After opened up his own school in Cape Town, he has learned the passion his has for teaching. He is currently pursuing an international career in Saudi Arabia.

Being awarded his 3rd degree by Master Su

Being awarded his 3rd degree by Master Su


  • Name : Kumi
  • Rank : 3rd Degree Black Sash
  • Styles : Luohan, Tai Tzu, Chin Na, Shuia Jiao, Sanshou, Tai Chi, Kickboxing, WTF Tae Kwon Do.
  • System : Shun Wu Tang
  • Province : KwaZulu Natal – Durban
  • Weapon : Double Knives
  • Special: Explosive speed and evasion