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Kung Fit

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Kung  Fit is nothing new! But in this age where so many businesses are being formed, claiming to have reinvented the wheel with regards to physical fitness, we coined the name “Kung Fit” for something that has been around since the inception of all Martial Arts; Physical Fitness.

Currently there are many sales tactics and schemes out there claiming to produce outstanding resutls  , including the term “scientifically proven”. Well, while we do agree that there is always some sort of ground breaking research and development in the fitness world, not all of them are true…especially, when you have to order it online or pay for a “secret”. You want the secret?!?!?! Here it is: Train smart, train hard, eat healthy, eat less.

Even modern gyms seem to be going back to old fashioned body weight exercises and overall core training, coining in on these old methods. Developing the body to efficiently do the tasks at hand, was the reason Bodhidharma created the very first Shaolin exercises. As time went on, martial exercises gave ordinary people, “superhuman” strength and abilities. Bare in mind that there were no gyms back in the day, so the only exercise was actual hard work like farming the land, chopping wood, carrying buckets of water, lifting heavy stones to build structures etc. So martial arts training was the very first form of body building, even though it was for the specific purpose of war and combat.

There are no secrets to Kung Fit. Its plain and simple, age old, tested, exercises that make you fit, and keep you fit. What we do, is put it into nice regimes/routines to make it more ….fun! These exercises and workouts, focus on increasing strength, stamina, endurance, and generally all physical abilities which makes it vital for anyone and everyone, not just martial artists.