Dragon Dancing

Dragon Dancing

Since the mid 80’s Shun Wu Tang has been performing the traditional Dragon dance for South African audiences. The Chinese Dragon dance symbolizes luck and is therefore performed at festivals and events. During the 80’s Shun Wu Tang was awarded the Taiwanese Dragon, Kaoh Tai, and we were proud to house this magnificent 20 man dragon until 1997 (the year Shifu Ave passed away) when it was borrowed by another school and never returned. Shun Wu Tang are proud to boast that we have performed the authentic Dragon Dance all over the country for various festivals, ceremonies, cultural events, and martial arts tournaments.

Kaoh Tai

Kaoh Tai in procession circa 1990. Shifu Ave carrying the head.

Dragon dancing requires stamina, endurance, agility, coordination, balance, and is a great way to keep you fit! There are many routines and sequences that make this a very fun filled activity with a strong sense if tradition. More recently, 10 man dragons are used, making it easier to conduct the routines and making this shorter dragon alot more energetic and exciting. This require quite a bit of explosive movements with pin point precision and accuracy. In early 2014, a senior team from SA participated in an auspicious ceremony in Taiwan. Two 10 man dragons were used in this amazing cultural festival.


Dragon Dance

2014 cultural festival in Taiwan