Adult Classes

Adult Syllabus

The complete Shun Wu Tang system incorporating all aspects of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts.

tao ke

We teach a complete and holistic syllabus with gradings every 6 months up until Black Sash(there after, the student joins the national Black belt club, with seminars, camps, as well as regular and advanced, weekly, black sash training).  This includes training bare hand forms and applications, weapons forms and applications, body conditioning and development, flexibility and stamina, strength and speed, agility, balance, focus, sparring drills and free sparring, self defense applications and scenarios, military strategy and battle formations, demo and tournament training, national and international camps and seminars, and much more.

Tao Ke 2 (2)

It is important to know that the structure of the classes are alot more relaxed as compared to the regimental approach that is present in most modern forms of martial arts. The Chinese family system environment emphasizes the home environment and encourages and promotes family values, ethics, morality, honour, respect, etc. This is called Wu De.


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