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The Nine principles of Shun Wu Tang

The Nine principles of Shun Wu Tang

1. 硬攻直進
yìng gōng zhí jìn
Advance/drive hastily, strike forcefully

2. 消閃側擊
xiāo shǎn cè jí
Evade the attack (and nullify its force), counter-strike from the side

3. 剛柔並濟
gāng róu bìng jì
Couple force (hardness, attack) with flexibility (soft, defence, evade)

4. 震身抖勁
zhèn shēn dǒu jìn
Amplification of force with torque (twisting/shaking the body from feet to hip to hand)

5. 吞肩放胛
tūn jiān fàng jiǎ
Swallow (hold down) the shoulders, release the shoulder blades

6. 四點金正
sì diǎn jīn zhèng
Alignment of the 4 golden points

7. 落地生根
luò dì shēng gēn
Feet rooted in the ground (deep, steadfast stances)

8. 反射勁倍
fǎn shè jìn bèi
Amplification of force with bi-directional/counter-directional movements (e.g. pulling the opponent towards you while forcing a strike)

9. 虛擬情境
xū nǐ qíng jìng
Virtual simulation


Wu De

Wu De
The Martial Code or Conduct

Zun Jing 尊敬 Respect

Qian Xu 谦逊 Humility

Xin Yong 信用 Trust

Rong Yu 榮譽 Honor

Dao De 道德 Virtue

The Wu De is the warrior code by which all true martial artists live by. It is the guiding principles that help shape the life of a martial artist. While many modern day businessmen will argue that this is a silly romance, for those who love the martial arts and love the principles it teaches and instills in them, this code becomes the rules. This is what separates the real warrior from an attention seeking bully. The real battles are fought within. The prize is not a trophy or medal or belt, the real prize peace, in every sense of the word.